1. Can I change my employer freely when holding a working visa in Hong Kong?
No. You have to apply for another working visa. Your Hong Kong employment visa specifies your employer who is supposed to provide support for you when you are working in Hong Kong. If you have changed your employer in Hong Kong, you should notify the Immigration Department and apply for visa renewal under change of employment. An IANG visa holder can change his employer freely without notifying the Immigration Department.

2. Do I need a visa after I registered a company in Hong Kong?
The answer depends on whether you will provide any products or services in Hong Kong. Being an owner of a Hong Kong company itself does not mean that you have to hold an Investment / Employment Visa to visit Hong Kong. However, if you do come to Hong Kong for business activities that involves in provision of any products or services, you will need to apply for an Investment / Employment Visa. There have been many cases when visit visas holders were arrested because of provision of services in Hong Kong.

3. Is there any minimum investment amount for an investment-based visa in Hong Kong?
The Immigration Department does not specify any minimum investment amount for Investment-based Visa. The investment amount will be subject to the industry and business development of the company. A-Swiss has many years of successful experience in applying for investment-based visa for different clients in various industries, including trading, manufacturing, IT, financial advisory, business consulting, entertainment, etc. We can provide you with further advice after you finish our assessment form.

4. I want to immigrate to Hong Kong by investing HKD 10 million in financial products in Hong Kong. Do I need to transfer all the money from my country to Hong Kong before submitting the application?
You don’t need to transfer the HKD 10 million to Hong Kong before the application is initially approved. The Immigration Department will grant you and your family a 3-month visa for you to enter Hong Kong to arrange the investment.