Hong Kong Office

Contact: Ms Yeung
Email: info@a-swiss.com
Tel: 852 3765 6100
Address: Suite 7B, 7th Floor, Pico Tower, 66 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

How to get to our office?


Get off at Wanchai Station and go to Exit A1. Walk along the O’Brien Road until you reach Gloucester Road (do not cross the bridge), turn left and walk along Gloucester Road until you see a Lamborghini ie the Lamborghini showroom and turn left again at Lunard Road. Pico Tower is just on your left. Our office is on the 7th floor.


Ask the taxi driver to take you to 66 Gloucester Road, Wanchai and let him know that Pico Tower is just opposite to the Revenue & Immigration Tower. We are above the Lamborghini showroom. As most of the taxi drivers in Hong Kong speak Chinese, please show him our address in Chinese (香港湾仔告士打道66 號筆克大厦7 楼B 室). You can also ask the taxi driver to call us at 3765 6100 if he has any questions.

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