It is essential to surmise if your chosen trademark has already been registered within Hong Kong or has been applied for by another trader.

We provide assistances on investigating this and do provide advisory on if your potential trademark is distinctive from others, a graphic representation of your trademark and also lodging your application with the Trade Marks Registry through our lawyer. Additionally, our lawyer will investigate which class your establishment falls under. In Hong Kong, each type of operation is specifically classified under 1 to 45 categories which have to be clearly specified during registration process.

Fees and Procedures

When the Hong Kong Trade Marks Registry processes your potential application then your trademark will be prominently published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal. Once your trademark has been acknowledged for registration, the Registrar of Trade Marks will enter the specifics and details of your trademark into the trademarks register and you will be disseminated with a certificate of registration. If by any means your trademark is rejected by the registry, A-Swiss, through our lawyer, will facilitate a follow up in writing to the registry. The entire integrated application procedure would take approximately 6 to 9 months from receipt of application of registration if no queries arise. The period of validity of the trademark shall be 10 years.

Fees for 1 word or 1 logo

  • Search fee to the Trade Marks Registry: between USD125 to USD250
  • Registration lodgment: One class: between USD1,600 to USD1,950
  • Additional class: around USD770
  • Correspondences with the Trade Mark Registry by a lawyer (if required): Time charges

Information Required

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Proposed trademark logo and words which indicating the nature of the trademark (sound, smell, colour etc.);
  • Trademark class number to be chosen for the proposed trademark (if available);
  • A list of the goods and services which are being provided/supplied under the trademark; and
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company, one of the director’s passport copy and address proof ie utility bill within the last 3 months.