Trademarks are territorial in nature. In order to get the best protection you will need to file in those countries where you intend to market your products and services. It is however, relatively easy and inexpensive to file a Community Trade Mark (CTM) which will provide you with cover in 25 different European Countries for one filing fee. If you intend to use your trade mark in more than one European country then a CTM is by far the most economical way of getting the protection you require. A registered trademark is lasts for 10 years and allows for renewal before the expiry date.

Fees and Procedures

The first step is to do a clearance search to find out if the proposed mark is too similar to the existing registered mark, so that a decision can be made to change the mark.   Once the mark has been filed, it takes around 3 months to examine the mark and provided there are no objections, the mark will be granted within 8 to 9 months.

Trademarks once registered will last 10 years and then need to be reviewed.

Fees for 1 word or 1 logo

  • Search fee to the Trade Marks Registry: around €250
  • Registration lodgment: In 3 classes: around  €2,550
  • Correspondences with the Trade Mark Registry by a lawyer (if required): Time charges

Information Required

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Details of the trademark – i.e. the name and /or logo that you want to be registered;
  • Details of any color (e.g. pantone number) or unusual features of the trade mark should also be given;
  • A list of the goods and services which are being provided/supplied under the trade mark;
  • Full details of the name of the company /person owning the mark need to be provided, we shall need a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for the Company and some details of one of the Company Directors – a certified copy of a passport and utility bill will suffice.